• 03/04/2018

Tamagotchi Obsessions & How Not To Take Communion

Tamagotchi Obsessions & How Not To Take Communion

Tamagotchi Obsessions & How Not To Take Communion 712 400 Stella Donnelly


Tamagotchi Obsessions & How Not To Take Communion: Stella Donnelly Launches ‘Two Truths & A Lie’

Yeah, look, let me explain. It’s a play on the classic icebreaker and team-building game, Two Truths & A Lie, where the person in the hot seat shares three sentences – two of which are true, obviously, and one of which is a lie – and the people playing have to figure out which is which. I wasn’t interested in having musicians lie to me, unsurprisingly, but what I was interested in was hearing some stories they’ve never really told journalists before. Stuff that doesn’t normally come up in an interview about their new record, or their upcoming headline run. Like the time they were 20, lost their passport in Belgium and illegally crossed the border. Or were playing their first gig and sharted on stage. You know, that kind of thing. Basically, this column is a safe place to give artists a chance to share stories about themselves, be it about their childhood, their fears, obsessions, life goals, whatever, and a place to share a story about a time a lie got away from them – when it was misconstrued, misunderstood, spun out of control like a yo-yo or became a beast they didn’t even recognise anymore. Don’t worry, everyone has one, or two, or five. There’s no judgement here, just true stories.

So, with that, welcome to Two Truths & A Lie.


I first came across Stella Donnelly’s music at BIGSOUND last year in Brisbane. It was pure chance, really, on the last night of the conference. To be honest, I was super fuckin’ ready to never see another live show again. I was all live music’d out. I was at Heya Bar meeting with some people to head to the official after-party when I realised Stella was about to go on right there. Her name had been flitting through my ears the whole conference, so I thought I’d sneak to the front to see what the fuss was about. She ended up being my favourite set all BIGSOUND.


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